Age Increase Does Not Equal Health Decrease

“Over 40 and starting to think you are in decline? think again!”

Almost all of our modern day “problems” stem from sedentary lifestyles and poor functional movement.


As humans we have evolved over millions of years to move in certain ways in order for us to survive, those who couldn’t, simply died off, only the strong survived and that is you.

It’s only been in the last few decades we have learned to live sedentary lifestyles through modern life. Hunting for food has been replaced by working behind a desk, running to a destination has been replaced by driving. Sitting for long periods of time is a new phenomenon in terms of our evolution.

As a result our bodies have become lazy, our muscles no longer fire as they should. In short our bodies become weaker resulting in a wide range of conditions that hamper quality of life including; chronic pain, illnesses, and obesity.

It still amazes me that the answer to the recent pandemic has been to hide away and wait for a vaccine! If nations set a goal to help everyone get 10% fitter and stronger we would be able to fight off new diseases much more effectively.

Age Increase = Health Decrease

Modern day life has us believing that we all face a long and slow decline after a certain age, usually around 40. We have all heard the advice “don’t over do it you are not as young as you used to be” and we have all been guilty of thinking we are not as fit as we once were.

Capitalism has a lot to answer for too! There is serious money to be made in making our lives “easy” or giving us “short cuts” as we get older.

The truth is we have not evolved that way and it may work for a short period of time but in the long run it’s really not a good path to take.

The Solution

The good news is it’s NEVER too late to reverse this condronic health plague. You, like every other human, have a genetic blueprint inside of you that can be switched back on. It’s not important where you are right now, what matters is where you are willing to go to make permanent changes that will drastically improve your quality of life in all areas.

All of my training revolves around functional movement patterns your body already knows which supercharges positive adaptation. I call this the fundamental movement patterns of the hunter-gatherer which is you!

fundamental movement patterns of the hunter-gatherer

Personal Trainer Pro Deadlift


Personal Trainer Pro Deadlift


Personal Trainer Pro Horizontal Lunge


Personal Trainer Pro Deadlift



Personal Trainer Pro Deadlift



Personal Trainer Pro Deadlift


Bodyweight & Free Weights vs Machines

All of the fundamental movements can be done with minimal equipment and bodyweight. Machines are a modern invention designed to make it “easier” for you to “get fit” while they can be useful in the short term if you have an injury. Here is the problem – they don’t follow your natural plain of movement, your body is forced to move in one fixed direction without the need to recruit other muscles, leading to muscle imbalances.

Comparing the leg press to a squat is like comparing a paintball gun to a M16 rifle! While the leg press might help you build impressive leg muscles, it does not build your lower back or core at the same time resulting in a very poor carry over to everyday physical activities.

In short, I don’t like machines at all! And I will very rarely if ever program them in any of my routines.

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